May 6, 2017 - RUBI, MSRT in focus...

If I had any advice for anyone interested in investing is to do a lot of reading. I learned by trial and error. While there are those big scores out there, your chance of actually scoring big are not as easy as some people out there want you to believe. You are the only one who can and will discover these new opportunities. Let me tell you that if an investor finds a cheap company that will return 1000% or more, they will not share that information with you. There is no free lunch in investing. Trust me. Always, when something sounds too good to be true, it always is.
I read and observe companies for a few weeks before committing to putting my money into it. Smart investing is not throwing your money into something blindly and hoping for the best. Really, take your time, read, and if something took off before you had a chance to commit, know that there will be other opportunities. For example, back when coffee stocks were just buzzing because of the media reports on coffee. I found two companies that I liked. One was Caribou Coffee, which I had the pleasure of drinking so I knew the chain and the product, and K-cups which at that point was a start-up company trading at around $0.30. Both of these companies were bought out by bigger players, but I invested into something I knew which was Caribou Coffee. I decided that the start-up risk at the time was not worth it to me. I doubled my money with my investment, but had I invested in the start-up each share was worth at the time of sale $35-$36 USD. Now K-cup is a world wide known product. Opportunities like these come up all the time. You just have to be there at the right time and do your research. Obviously looking back I regret not investing in it, but it could have turned to zero as well. You just never know.

My other investment (invested on April 24th, 2017), Rubicon Project, has been a rollercoaster. It closed lower for a few days after I purchased it, but once again I believe in the company to be able to dig themselves out of their current issues. It is much easier to gain market share than to keep what is yours when you control a large pie of it. I believe with the current management team, the company will be able to move forward. It could be a future buyout company by a bigger player. Only time will show.

May 1, 2017

Hey! Today I decided to invest in MassRoots (MSRT) the cannabis social app. I believe they have potential in the up and coming cannabis space. Their numbers are not great yet, but I believe with time they will gain more users (app users that is!) and therefore generate an income stream from advertising. They still have a bit to go I believe. Possibly partnering with a few of the cannabis growers to advertise their product. Possibly with a discount for the first shipment?
I am by no means an expert in investing and this is simply a blog of what I am interested in currently. I do my own research and rarely follow others when investing.
I have other interests as well such as cars, that I will discuss once in a while. In the future I will make a few posts on how I begun my little side project of investing.
For now have a great day and enjoy!

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